This episode is mostly Carl whining about the points changes and how they "ruined" his Boba Fett list.  Someone bring this man some fancy cheese, ple...View Details

Hyperspace is upon us!  Carl talks bout his first Hyperspace tournament.  Will and Dave drink a lot on this podcast.  We go over the lack of news, ...View Details

After a delay from Holiday Hangovers, the podcast is getting back on track.  We keep it short and sweet, like Will.  Enjoy and reach out on Twitter ...View Details

This installment brings a Guest Host into the fray.  Don't worry.  He's nobody important.  The New Year brings us new revelations.  Will is still ...View Details

We chat and ramble about things from the Mining Guild TIEs, to Carl's work travel and games played, to Dave's lists, to Will's White Elephant shopping...View Details

We discuss meta players.  Carl whines a lot and requires his own brand of cheese.  Will defends the ladies and helps Carl get over the emotional dis...View Details

We talk X-Wing news and games played.  Will's luck wavers and Carl finds new life in a couple Firesprays.  Meanwhile, Dave gets a special delivery m...View Details

We're back!  After a couple weeks of life getting in the way of fun, we are back at it.  Tex-Wing is going through some changes to condense the cont...View Details

WILL RETURNS!! Hope you enjoy! TeX-Wing Podcast is your Houston X-Wing Flight Report Starring our Intrepid Heroes: Dave- @edwardwong4 Will - Peace, Lo...View Details

Another Slow week, but we dig into our love of modding and repaints to give some fun tips and tricks!! Hope you enjoy! TeX-Wing Podcast is your Housto...View Details

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