Aw yeah we back with hot new jam!

Droppin' hot opinions like we don't give a damn,

First we hit you up with news of those toys,
Yeah you know thats how we bring the noise.

New York Comic Con brought some exciting news,
mostly about figures so basically Riches muse.

Naturally theres talk about comics as well,
we got very strong options that we'd never sell.

So buckle up kids for a hell of a ride,
were so pumped about Young Animal that our brains our fried 

Theres some conflicted opinions about Snot Girl,
and dc comics still kind of blows makes Dave want to hurl

Rich read a lot of trade paper backs,
lots of Punisher and Deadpool doing crazy acts.

Plus Dave reading more obscure indie stuff,
like an alternate take on Peter Pan thats not fluff.

All of this and more is up ahead,
so kick back and relax to hear about what we read.

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